Upcoming Pujas @ Do-Ngak Ling Monastery

Bimonthly Lama Norlha Puja

Lama Norlha Puja is performed at Do-Ngak Ling Monastery every second month on Medicine Buddha Day (see schedule here).

Sponsoring the bimonthly Lama Norlha puja is immensely meritorious. We will notify the Druplas and monks of your kind offering, and they will perform the practice for the benefit of all sentient beings, including yourself and any family members, friends, and loved ones you add to the dedication field below.

Lama Norlha, one of the twelve manifestations of Guru Rinpoche, is a combination of all the enlightened wealth deities. This practice increases outer, inner, and secret wealth. Outer wealth includes material things such as food, clothing, a comfortable place to live, and so on. Inner wealth is a person’s fortune and merit along with personal virtues such as contentment, generosity, and calmness of mind. Secret wealth is understanding the nature of things or emptiness, developing innate inner awareness, and the actualization of the qualities of awakening for the sake of oneself and others.
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