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Mahakala Protector Puja

Mahakala Protector Puja is performed daily at Do-Ngak Ling Monastery.

Sponsoring the daily Mahakala puja is immensely meritorious. We will notify the Druplas and monks of your kind offering, and they will perform the practice for the benefit of all sentient beings, including yourself and any family members, friends, and loved ones you add to the dedication field below.

Mahakala as a protector appears in the form of a wrathful deity. Although appearing in this way, Mahakala represents the inseparability of compassion and loving-kindness. In the ultimate view, there is no separation between the Buddha's awakened mind and that of Mahakala. Mahakala is a manifestation of the awakened mind.

His majestic and frightening form depicts Mahakala as beyond fear or hesitation as he spontaneously works for the benefit and liberation of all beings.

Mahakala, The Great Black One, was predicted by a previous Buddha to become a protector of the Dharma. He came to Bodhgaya when Shakyamuni Buddha attained awakening. There he committed to guard the Buddha’s teachings. Thenceforth he has served as powerful protector for sincere Dharma practitioners, helping to avert obstacles arising from self-clinging.
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