Mudrā is a sanskrit word with a deep variety of attached meaning and symbolism. Outwardly, it refers to the hand gestures of the Buddha. In Sādhanā practice, a variety of mudras are used to represent mentally emanated offering substances. Inwardly, the word mudra is used to describe the “seal” of emptiness as the essence of all phenomena, as in the word Mahamudra. The following mudras show the offering mudras used in the Tukdrup Barché Kunsel tradition.

Argham, drinking water offering mudra
Mudra One : Arghaṃ (drinking water)
Padyam, bathing water offering mudra
Mudra Two : Pādyam (bathing water)
Pushpe, flower offering mudra
Mudra Three : Puṣpe (flowers)
Dhuppe, incense offering mudra
Mudra Four : Dhūpe (incense)
Aloke, light offering mudra
Mudra Four : Aloke (light)
Ghende, perfume offering mudra
Mudra Five : Ghande (perfume)
Naiwidye, celestial food offering  mudra
Mudra Six : Naivedye (food)
Shabta, music offering mudra
Mudra Seven : Śabda (music)

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