video Teaching

Confidence, Dignity, and Pride


Confidence is necessary on the spiritual path as it is in mundane life. It is important for us to develop confidence in the teachings that we are following and in the practices we apply. If we don’t have confidence, then at the first sign of problems we might give up.

In this short video teaching, Rinpoche answers a student’s question about the difference between confidence, pride, and dignity. Unfortunately, our confidence is usually mixed with pride. When it is genuine, confidence manifests as dignity. We can first recognize and then slowly release the pride—but this takes time. Genuine dignity pervades our experience at all times, regardless of our status or position.

Reflection Excercise

Consider your own spiritual practice. Are you confident in the instructions you have received? Do you follow the guidance of your teacher or do you make adjustments based upon your mood and emotions? Confidence in the teacher and in the practice means trusting that you have the correct tools to lead you along the path. It is important to check in and be honest with yourself in evaluating your confidence.




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