Developing Conviction That All Sentient Beings Are Our Mothers


We can learn the steps of generating the mind of awakening, or bodhichitta. But it can be difficult for us to believe that all sentient beings have been our kind mothers. In response to a student question, Tulku Migmar asks us to look closely at our own life experiences. Can we see how we change our relationships with sentient beings throughout our lives?

Are there people we have loved dearly or who were good friends but now we no longer feel that way about? This can happen over a short or long period. And are there people who were enemies or who we disliked intensely but who have become friends or even loved ones? They may have treated us badly in the past, but later in life, they can become very close. We all know that step-parents or adoptive parents or foster parents often provide more love and care than some biological parents. How does this happen? Because they have been our parents in previous lives. If we keep an open mind, we can see that our relationships change over time. So it is reasonable to believe that we have had unlimited connections from life to life. We come to see that any being could have been our kind parent in the past.

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