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The Dakini Principle


Tulku Migmar Tsering, in July 2023, on Dakini Day, offered a teaching on the Dakini Principle. In this teaching, Tulku-la, with characteristic humor and simple examples answered some frequently asked questions for Vajrayana practitioners. Why are certain days considered to be auspicious? Tulku-la also explains the significance of the 10th day of the month, Guru Rinpoche Day.

According to the teachings of the secret mantra, the dakinis are said to be most active after sunset on the 25th day of the lunar month. The dakinis fulfill the role of the sangha within Vajrayana, performing compassionate activities to benefit all beings. Tulku-la also explains how we can understand the term “sky-goer” as the Tibetan term for the Sanskrit word “khandro”. The dakinis are the swiftest form emanations of the buddhas in terms of their ability to quickly perform activities.

Tara is the manifestation of discriminating wisdom in Sambhogakaya form and performs the benefit of beings with 5 activities. When she performs the activity of magnetizing, Tara takes on the form of Kurukulle. Tulku-la speaks about the role of magnetizing as it applies to mastering our own minds. In this explanation, Tulku Migmar speaks about the three main types of dakinis as mentioned in the tantric texts. He dispels some of the misconceptions that we may have about the physical qualities of yoginis and dakinis. And he underlines the point that male practitioners who exhibit some signs of accomplishment are also known as “dakas”.

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