New Publication: The Lotus-Born Guru in India

Our skilled translators at Lhasey Lotsawa have announced the publication of Following in Your Footsteps: The Lotus-Born Guru in India—to be released auspiciously on Guru Padmasambhava’s birthday (July 19th, 2021) via Rangjung Yeshe Publications!

The Lotus-Born Guru in India is the second installment of a three part series, following their previous release, The Lotus-Born Guru in Nepal. The project began seven years ago, auspiciously on the Dakini Day of September 2014. Since then, Lhasey Lotsawa has collected some of the most treasured stories from India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet with the goal to provide a rich source of inspiration for pilgrims through the ages.

In the future, as our team continues their diligent writing and research, a final installment, The Lotus-Born Guru in Tibet, will be released. Those who wish to follow in the footsteps of the Lotus-Born Guru will find these authentic books essential companions on their journey.

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