Practice With our Global Sangha this Medicine Buddha Day!

Artwork Credit: Ani Jamyang Donma /Yulokod Studios. Find more of her sacred and secular glass art at

Medicine Buddha day falls on the 8th day of every lunar month. In November 2021, Medicine Buddha day fell on November 12th. Medicine Buddha or Bhaiṣajyaguru visualization has been practiced in many forms of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. He is particularly associated with the power to help heal and dispel the subtle and gross sufferings of illness and disease. In this time of the continuing global pandemic, we can take the opportunity to offer our practice as healing energy for all those who are suffering.

This month, Samye Institute invited our sangha to come together to recall the Medicine Buddha on this auspicious occasion. Some sangha members chose to recite the root-sutra of Medicine Buddha practice, The Detailed Account of the Previous Aspirations of the Blessed Bhaiṣajya­guru­vaiḍūrya­prabha, while others chose to simply recite the mantra of the Medicine Buddha (teyata om bhekanze bhekanze maha bhekanze radza samudgaté soha).

Samye Institute’s free Noble Living, Noble Caring, Noble Dying resources feature an entire unit devoted to Medicine Buddha practice. Our partners at Akara Collection offer a beautiful Medicine Buddha Thangka to support your practice.

Samye Institute is delighted to announce that our sangha collectively meditated for over 12 hours this Medicine Buddha Day! Be sure to check back soon for the next Commit to Sit event!

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