Samye Barcelona Gathers With a Holistic Approach to Practice

On February 18th, 2024, the Samye sangha in Barcelona got together for our first hybrid gathering (in-person and online). Following Phakchok Rinpoche’s advice, and with the help of experienced sangha guides we worked on developing awareness and mind and body balance. We intend to follow a holistic approach to improve our spiritual practice and overall well-being.

With the kind help of Xavier Puigdevall, an expert teacher in meditation and therapy, we practiced the key points of the meditation practice session that Phakchok Rinpoche instructed for this group. These consist of breathing exercises to relax the body and calm the mind and emotions. We also undertook guided reflections on our character and emotions and worked on generating a kind and compassionate mindset. In addition, we familiarized ourselves with the fact that our nature is pure and then rested in meditation.

Guided by psychologist and therapist Mercè Cid, we engaged in breathing and physical exercises taught by Phakchok Rinpoche. These allowed us to stretch and strengthen the body; open the meridians and stretch our nerves. They also lead to a better, more stable and rooted body posture and emotional balance.

We ended the session with a few Yin Yoga exercises with the expert guidance of Dominique Maurel. Yin yoga works with the deep tissues in our body such as ligaments, joints, connective tissue, and the bones. On the physical level, it helps our body by stimulating the tissues and meridians. Yin Yoga balances the nervous system and energy using conscious and controlled breathing. It proves to be a wonderful support for developing mindfulness and introspection with exercises that require full attention on our body. Moreover, it has emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits manifested in a more open and receptive attitude, quiescence, patience, introspection, self-awareness, tolerance, and intuition. A perfect companion for our meditation practice!

Our deepest gratitude to our dearest guru Phakchok Rinpoche for guiding us on the path, and to our experienced Dharma siblings who help us on the way.

Photos by Miguel Ángel Franganillo

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