Samye Barcelona’s Activities in November

From November 24th to the 26th, the Samye Barcelona sangha gathered in a retreat setting in which Xavier Puigdevall* guided us in various practices:

Following Phakchok Rinpoche’s instructions during his visit to Barcelona last September, we practiced together four of the breathing techniques and physical exercises that Rinpoche taught. We engaged in an additional set of exercises to work with emotions and the body, including Phakchok Rinpoche’s: “Opening the Heart” technique. We also reflected deeply, individually, and with the help of various group dynamics on the Four Mind Changings.

The main practice during the retreat consisted of various group dynamics and individual exercises. Xavier designed these as part of Samye Healing’s: “Psycho-emotional Awareness Program” to help us gain awareness of our character, conduct, and habits, and learn how to do it without judgment.

Xavier also offered a brief workshop for couples where he gave general and personalized advice and guided us on developing skills to work with our partner.

Following this retreat, the sangha will get together in a new initiative that was born from the experience in retreat: “Samye Barcelona Corporal”. Once a month the group will get together to practice the breathing techniques and physical exercises that Phakchok Rinpoche has taught us, plus exercises on “Yin Yoga” and breathing meditation to work with calmness and the natural limits of the body.

For more information about the activities organized by the Samye Barcelona sangha, please contact

*Xavier Puigdevall Oliver is the founder and director of the Escola de l’Ésser: Centro de Meditación y Terapia in Barcelona, as well as founder and president of the Asociación Bodhicitta Escola de l’Ésser non-profit organization. He has 40 years of experience as a therapist specializing in Gestalt Therapy and a therapist trainer. He is a meditation practitioner and disciple of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and Phakchok Rinpoche from the Chokling Tersar lineage. Based on his experience as a professional working with character and emotions, and his immersion in meditation, he has developed the “Psycho-emotional Awareness Program”.

Photos from Samye Barcelona Retreat November 2023, courtesy of Cristina García, Daniel de la Iglesia and Miguel Ángel Franganillo

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