The Great Tertön’s Life and Legacy

Samye Institute is delighted to invite you to Phakchok Rinpoche’s upcoming teaching event, Chokgyur Dechen Zhikpo Lingpa: The Great Tertön’s Life and Legacy!

The Great Tertön, Chokgyur Dechen Zhikpo Lingpa, was born in Sangyal, at the base of the sacred mountain Namkha Dzö (Sky Treasury) in the province of Nangchen. His birth occurred auspiciously on the tenth day of the sixth month of the Earth Ox Year (August 10, 1829), the same day and month that the Mahaguru had taken miraculous birth from a lotus flower, many centuries before. Recognized as one of Tibet’s foremost tertöns or treasure revealers, Chokgyur Lingpa worked tirelessly alongside Jamyang Khyentsé Wangpo (1813–1899) and Jamgön Kongtrūl Lodrö Thayé (1820–1892) to uphold and spread the profound teachings of Mahaguru Padmasambhava and the great wisdom dakini Yeshé Tsogyal. Chokgyur Lingpa’s treasure revelations are replete with profound teachings meant for our times. They are renowned for including many practices that are concise, easy to apply, and full of blessings.

The Great Tertön was particularly famed for being entrusted as a lineage holder of the full range of Dharma: the seven transmissions—namely the oral lineage, earth treasures, rediscovered treasures, mind treasures, oral instructions, visionary revelations, and recollections from past lives.

The seven transmissions have since been used as a framework for Chokgyur Lingpa’s spiritual legacy—the Chokling Tersar—and as a presentation of the Great Tertön’s life-story. Each transmission represents seminal moments in the life of Chokgyur Lingpa, and is intimately connected with the sacred landscape of Tibet. Through his revelation, we come to know the spiritual landscape of Tibet; through the landscape, we come to know the Great Tertön.

On February 25, 2023, Phakchok Rinpoche will present the fruition of a years-long project documenting the Great Tertön’s revelatory journey so that we can connect with the depths of this profound legacy and lineage.

Below is Key Information About Joining Rinpoche’s Teaching Online

Date: February 25th 

Time: 5:00-6:30 PM Nepal Time

You can check the time for your location here.

Rinpoche will be teaching in English. Samye Institute’s translation team will provide a live translation into Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, French, Ukrainian, and Nepali. Our translators are only able to share Rinpoche’s teachings with the global sangha due to the generosity of our patrons. Please make an offering here if you would like to support their activities.

Register for Rinpoche’s Teaching

You can attend this teaching on Zoom by filling out the form linked below.

We will also be live-streaming Rinpoche’s teaching on our YouTube page. When watching on YouTube, only Rinpoche’s English will be available; live translation is only available on Zoom.

Attending Rinpoche’s Teaching in Person

Rinpoche will be teaching at Hotel Tibet in Boudha, Nepal. Space is limited for this event, if you wish to attend in person, you must register in advance using the link below.

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