Dear friends near and far

Hello everybody. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day! In today’s message, I would like to explain more about the 12 Manifestations. Guru Rinpoche himself taught that you can magnetize things, but if you don’t have the wisdom and intelligence, then you cannot understand things. You cannot accomplish things. So how do we improve our clarity, intelligence, and wisdom? For that purpose, Guru Rinpoche manifested as Mawey Senge or the “Lion’s Roar.” “The Great Lion’s Roar,” Mawey Senge, is Manjushri and Guru Rinpoche inseparable. Through that practice, Guru Rinpoche taught how to gain intelligence. The first thing to remember from the beginning of the series is that trust in yourself or confidence is very important. Do not forget that.

Now how do we improve our clarity, intelligence, and wisdom? First, as Guru Rinpoche taught, offering candles or butter lamps is really helpful to bring up clarity in the mind. The second is, in the morning whenever you wake up, breathe in — breathe in thinking that you are actually breathing in all the intelligence, clarity, and knowledge. You are actually breathing them in. Doing this five times every morning helps you develop a clear mind. Now, why is this so important in our daily life? The clarity generally happens when our mind is more mindful. More mindful means that in day to day, we try to notice things.

Generally, I want to advise two things. First you need to know how to focus on what you do. Try not to forget things. This is being mindful. Second, intelligence does not mean education only. Intelligent means understanding. Intelligent means knowing exactly what to do. Intelligent means knowing how to reduce the negative qualities that you have, and the habits that you have. All that is part of intelligence. So it is very important to improve yourself through breathing in all the intelligence and through offering candles, butter lamps, and offering lights. But the most important part is learning to focus in day to day life — and at the same time not to completely forget what is essential for you to do. This is the most important.

Guru Rinpoche taught these things in Mawey Senge, the second manifestation. Guru Rinpoche also said that, when you become too smart, people can become jealous and say many bad things about you. When that happens, I’m going to teach you how to remove people’s bad mouths. There are spiritual practices for that, but the best way is to not listen and not let your emotions be swung by what people say. That is the best way to keep our mind from becoming too emotional.

I am happy to announce that there are now subtitles in Polish! This month’s video message also has subtitles in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukranian. Please click the settings wheel in the bottom right corner of the video to access these options.

Thank you very much. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day and I send many love and prayers.

Sarva Mangalam,


Phakchok Rinpoche