Dear friends near and far

Happy Guru Rinpoche Day again! Today we continue the Twelve Manifestations Series, with number ten, the great wrathful deity manifestation, Kalden Drendze. Guru Rinpoche teaches here, in Kalden Drendze, that the sentient beings in the future, such as us, will have laziness, but they will try to practice. They are going to encounter obstacles and won’t carry on the practice. So Guru Rinpoche explained that he is going to manifest as Kalden Drendze to teach us how to make the Great Accomplishment Pills that you can eat. These are different blessing pills to give you less physical illness, less mental illness and less obstacles. Through these practices, you’re going to gain your meditation achievement and siddhis faster. Guru Rinpoche is such a kind master, because he gives so many different ways for us to calm our minds and to gain siddhis and blessings.

Many of us, in order to gain the blessings, we really need to achieve the siddhis. The best way to achieve the siddhis is, number one, to receive the empowerments, and number two, to receive self-empowerment. To receive self-empowerment, you visualize Guru Rinpoche in front of you, and you supplicate. Then you receive the white light from his forehead to yours, red light from his throat to yours, blue light from his heart center to yours, and multi-color light from below his navel to yours. You receive the four colors of light and you receive all the blessings of Guru Rinpoche: the body (forehead), the speech (throat), the mind (heart center), and the wisdom (below the navel). Then Guru Rinpoche dissolves into you.

These kinds of practices are very important to improve your meditation and to gain more dignity. They are also important for removing obstacles, gaining blessings and siddhis and fulfilling our wishes. All of these things can come through this practice. So I’m going to ask many of you: whoever knows this practice, please do it. Whoever doesn’t know it, please try to learn it, and the people who want to know the results, please practice that more. Please try to encourage yourself and your friends to do this practice.

Thank you very much. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day!

Sarva Mangalam,


Phakchok Rinpoche