Dear friends near and far

I want to first say that this year is a very important special year of the monkey, which is Guru Rinpoche’s year. And each tenth day of the lunar month is Guru Rinpoche’s day. Each manifestation and great activity done by Guru Padmasambhava is remembered on the tenth day of each lunar month. So at that time you should take an opportunity to reflect on your practice. Reflect on your daily actions and in particular apply your practice in your daily life.

Try to accumulate merit by doing supplications using the Six Vajra Line Prayer and reciting Guru Rinpoche’s mantra (Om A Hung Bendza Guru Pema Siddha Hung). And also do some meditation.

Now for anybody who does not know of Guru Rinpoche, Guru Padmasambhava, I think it is a good time to learn about his life story: who was Guru Padmasambhava and what is the significance of his teaching and his blessings? For anyone who knows about Guru Padmasambhava and how to practice, you should put into practice and do accumulation of merit such as giving offerings, chanting mantras, doing practices, and confessing whatever you’ve done wrong.

Today, I’m going to take the opportunity to tell a few things. The first thing I’d like to say that for many of us, whoever knows of Guru Rinpoche, this year is one of the most important. The monkey year, Guru Rinpoche’s year, comes every twelve years. Because it is the monkey year, I decided to invite our sangha this July and August to do four nine-day Great Accomplishment Practices, called “Drubchens”.

Please watch the video teaching by Rinpoche for information about the four Drubchens in Bodh Gaya (India), Tashi Ding (Sikkim), Bumthang (Bhutan) and Boudha (Nepal). Within the next few days, please check the video for subtitles in your language. 

For more detailed information, registration, and opportunity for contribution, click here.

Sarva Mangalam,


Phakchok Rinpoche