Dear friends near and far

As always, I hope this message finds you well, healthy and happy. For this Guru Rinpoche Day, I would like to share with you Khandro Yeshé Tsogyel’s supplication to the Great Guru, or Mahā Guru, Padmasambhava. Yeshé Tsogyel made this prayer of aspiration, her heart filled with devotion, as the Mahā Guru was about to leave Tibet for Cāmara, the land of rākśasa demons. It is a beautiful aspiration for realizing one’s own inseparability from the Guru, and I invite you all to recite it at the end of your practice whenever possible.

Yeshé Tsogyel’s Prayer: The Mahā Guru Supplication
A Terma Revealed by Pema Lingpa

Homage to the Guru!༔

The great master Padmasambhava was on the verge of leaving Tibet for the southwest and the land of the rākśasas, when,༔
high up upon the Gungtang Pass in Mangyül, Yeshé Tsogyel prostrated before him and circumanbulated him.༔
Then she placed his feet upon the crown of her head, and made this prayer of aspiration:༔

Mahā Guru, bless me༔
that in all my lives to come,༔
in the palace in your pure land,༔
inseparable from you, master, I will always be.༔

And with zeal and devotion,༔
I will serve you and please you,༔
and receive the transmission of your nectar-like blessing:༔
your profound realization, the very essence of your wisdom.༔*

Let the blessing of your enlightened form, speech, and heart,༔*
ripen my own body, speech, and mind,༔
so that I gain mastery over the profound༔
generation and completion stages.༔

May I eliminate completely the demons of wrong views,༔
along with illness, harmful influence and obstacles,༔
and may good companions and resources multiply,༔
so that all my wishes are fulfilled, just as I desire.༔

In charnel grounds, hermitages, retreats amid the snows,༔
and other secluded places with all perfect qualities,༔
let the quintessence of deep samadhi meditation༔
be my constant practice.༔

And as the result of this practice of mine,༔
may I accomplish the four activities,༔
turn even gods and rākśasas into my servants,༔
and so be able to protect the teachings of Buddha.༔

May all the sublime teachings taught by Buddha༔
appear, with no effort, within my mind;༔
and through mastering supreme knowledge such as this,༔
may I attain supreme realization.༔

Through bodhicitta’s causes and conditions,༔
may I reach and magnetize every single living being,༔
and through the power of my actions, unbounded
like a wish-granting gem,༔
make any connection we have be of deepest benefit and meaning.༔

May I cause the teachings of Buddha to spread,༔
so that lineage holders and teachers of Dharma increase,༔
all beings are brought to bliss,༔
and all realms are purified into buddha fields.༔

From my body, speech, and mind,༔
let infinite emanations appear,༔
to benefit each of those to be trained,༔
every one according to their needs.༔

May I realize that the entirety of samsara and nirvana༔
is your manifestation, Guru, inseparable from you,༔
and by understanding the three kāyas to be forever indivisible,༔
may I swiftly attain the omniscience of buddhahood.༔

May sentient beings offer their prayers,༔
may the masters grant their blessings,༔
may yidam deities grant attainments,༔
may ḍākinīs grant predictions.༔

May Dharma protectors dispel obstacles,༔
may the Buddha’s teachings spread and grow,༔
may all beings enjoy happiness and well-being,༔
may they live out the Dharma day and night,༔
may our own and others’ aims be spontaneously accomplished.༔ 

Through this merit, pure by its very nature,༔
let samsara’s depths, the lower realms, be emptied,༔
so no longer we remain in this ocean of existence,༔
but actualize the three kāyas, together—all as one.༔ 

Great secret treasure of all the buddhas,༔
supreme, unsurpassed teaching,༔*
like a sun rising in the sky,༔
shine and spread through the entire world!༔

May this merit and my other roots of virtue grow,༔
so that I embody all the precious qualities that fulfill the wishes of the perfect master,༔
I possess the power to spread and expand the Buddha’s precious teachings,༔
I realize ultimate wisdom, love, and capacity, and so become perfectly enlightened,༔
and all sentient beings in the six realms are freed from samsara’s great ocean of suffering, and quickly attain complete and perfect buddhahood.༔

This was revealed by Pema Lingpa from the rock shaped like a lion’s head in the medicinal valley of Lhodrak.

Rigpa Translations, 2014. Translated with reference to a teaching by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentsé Rinpoche at Lerab Ling on the occasion of the dungchö of Khandro Tsering Chödrön, September 2nd 2011. Phonetics, Sanskrit diacritics, and spelling adjusted to Lhasey Lotsawa style. Minor emendations by Lhasey Lotsawa marked by an asterisk *.

You can find the full text of this prayer, with the Tibetan and English phonetics, on Lhasey Lotsawa’s website.

May devotion grow in all our hearts.

Sarva Mangalam,

Phakchok Rinpoche


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