Dear friends near and far

Today I thought I’d answer a question that I get asked quite frequently by students: the difference between the mind section and the wisdom section.

In the mind section, the key is noticing. It is extremely important to notice negative emotions. There is a difference between judgment and noticing. When you have judgment then your emotions arise because judgment comes with duality. When you notice the emotions don’t arise because you don’t follow on with a second thought; it is only recognition of a negative emotion, nothing more.

The wisdom section can be categorized into the appearance of wisdom and essential wisdom. The appearance of wisdom is free from duality, from bad and good. Don’t think that it is bad if you have a negative emotion and good when you have a positive emotion. After all, whether if it’s positive or negative it is just an emotion, which is impermanent. One must participate in pure perception. See all emotions, positive and negative, with pure perception and hence neither good nor bad. Essential wisdom, on the other hand involves less judgment and is without engaging. Not clinging onto the emotions, not holding onto the emotions, just letting them be. If you hold onto the emotions once they arise and do not let them dissolve naturally then that is not essential wisdom. Notice them and let them be. They will dissolve on their own, naturally. This is important to understand and practice. This is the essential teaching.

Right now I am in the very south of Brazil, near Port Alegra at Khandro Ling. Today with the sangha here we auspiciously performed Guru Rinpoche’s Shower of Blessings tsok offering. During the tsok offering, I thought of you all and had you all in my heart, praying for your long life, good health, and prosperity.

Sarva Mangalam,


Phakchok Rinpoche