Dear friends near and far

Today being Guru Rinpoche Day, I want to remind you all to practice “bodhicitta”.

The Excellence of Bodhicitta

Just as on a dark night black with clouds,
The sudden lightning glares and all is clearly shown,
Likewise rarely, through the Buddhas’ power,
Virtuous thoughts rise, brief and transient, in the world.

Virtue, thus, is weak; and always
Evil is of great and overwhelming strength.
Except for perfect bodhicitta,
What other virtue is there that can lay it low?

Those who wish to crush the many sorrows of existence,
Who wish to quell the pain of living beings,
Who wish to have experience of a myriad joys
Should never turn away from bodhicitta.

All other virtues, like the plantain tree,
Produce their fruit, but then their force is spent.
Alone the marvelous tree of bodhicitta
Constantly bears fruit and grows unceasingly.

To them in whom this precious jewel of mind
Is born – to them I bow!
I go for refuge to those springs of happiness
Who bring their very enemies to perfect bliss.

—Śāntideva, The Way of The Bodhisattva

Sarva Mangalam,

Phakchok Rinpoche