Dear friends near and far

Hello. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day. Today I want to talk about the manifestation of Guru Rinpoche in Tukdrub Barché Kunsel, called Dzutrül Duchen—the Great Powerful Magical Master, Guru Dzutrül Duchen. Sometimes we refer to him as Dorje Drolö. Guru Rinpoche revealed this manifestation especially to transform negative appearances, negative mind, and negative environment. What is negative environment? It means negative appearances that make our mind become negative… hatred, basically. Negative appearance brings hatred. So Guru Padmasambhava specially manifested as Dzutrül Duchen or Guru Dorje Drollo, taming or subduing or purifying all of that.

In our life, what we really need is to have positive thinking. But sometimes we have this idea that positive thinking means to not have wrathfulness. When you need to say no, you cannot say no. Or when you need to point out some problematic things, you can’t because you are thinking positively. So it is very important to balance. You have a positive mind. You want to be perceiving through a positive way, but when you see a few people creating huge problems, you need to know how to resolve those problems. We want to see the negative thing and how to resolve it, or remove it, or subdue it, without giving up our positive mind. That is the practice of the great Guru Rinpoche’s Dorje Drolö.

Guru Rinpoche himself said, there are going to be a few people, we call “damsi”—these are the troublemakers. Unnecessarily trouble-making. We need to know how to reduce them, or change them, or transform them, or remove them, or tame them. And, at the same time, keeping whatever possibility you can to have positive thinking. You need to know how to reduce these things while keeping positive perception. This is particular to the practice of the Great Guru Dorje Drollo. I really think it is very important in today’s practical world, in practical life.

Happy Guru Rinpoche Day. Thank you very much. Be positive.

Sarva Mangalam,


Phakchok Rinpoche