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Motivation and Dharma as Medicine

If we truly wish to free others from all suffering, we must regularly reset our intent.

In this short clip, Rinpoche responds to a question asked about how to view and implement our motivation into practice. Rinpoche uses the analogy of the Dharma as medicine, the student as the patient, study and practice as the treatment plan, and the teacher as the physician. Rinpoche then briefly discusses a genuine motivation; that is, the wish to free all beings from their suffering and mental problems.

Caring With Genuine Motivation

When, as Buddhist practitioners, we engage in caring for others, we need to check our own motivation carefully. As we go about our day, are we setting aside any of our self-centered focus? Sometimes, when we are caring, we slip into a focus on our own goals. But if we truly wish to free others from all suffering, we will need to regularly reset our intent. Caregiving is a truly noble activity so we need to take the time to recall and refresh our motivation. While we care, we can remember that we, too need the treatment of a skilled physician in order to bring ultimate benefit for beings.