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Annual Kurukulla Fire Puja

The Annual Lotus Dakini Mantra Recitations and Fire Pujas at Do-Ngak Ling Monastery take place every year on the 20th-25th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar (see schedule here).
Please Note
Offerings and names of dedication for this year's Lotus Dakini Mantra Recitations and Fire Pujas are accepted until 12pm Kathmandu time 1 day before the pujas begin. Offerings and names of dedication received later than this will be included in next year's Lotus Dakini Mantra Recitations and Fire Pujas.

Seven days of puja concluding on the Dakini Day of the 8th month of the Tibetan calendar.

The seven-day puja is held in the sacred forest surrounding a shrine blessed by Vajravarahi. Since the brilliant red dakini Kurukulla (Pema Khandro) belongs to the family of Vajravarahi and Arya Tara, this special circumstance further enhances the power of the puja.

Kurukulla is a dakini renowned for her power to magnetize. Through her practice the practitioners magnetize all favorable circumstances: teachers, teachings, the ability to understand and engage with the teachings, wealth, prosperity, for the benefit of the Dharma and sentient beings, and ultimately the nature of mind.

Fire puja, or fire offering, is a practice of making offerings to the deity through the medium of fire. By using the fire element to accomplish enlightened action, the results are considered to come swiftly and particularly powerful. Amongst the four enlightened activities of pacifying, enriching, magnetizing, and subjugating, the fire puja Kurukulla accomplishes magnetizing activity. Thus, it is said that through the fire puja of Kurukulla, all qualities and beings of the three realms of cyclic existence are magnetized and brought under the practitioners’ control. This includes any worldly desirable qualities and glorious qualities of the Dharma path, such as meditative experience, realization and enlightened wisdom qualities.
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