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Annual White Umbrella Puja

The Annual White Umbrella Puja at Do-Ngak Ling Monastery takes place every year on the 27th-29th day of the 10th month of the lunar calendar (see schedule here).
Please Note
Offerings and names of dedication for this year's White Umbrella Puja are accepted until 12pm Kathmandu time 1 day before the puja begins. Offerings and names of dedication received later than this will be included in next year's White Umbrella Puja.

Three days of puja concluding on the Dharma Protector Day of the 10th month of the Tibetan calendar.

Our Druplas and monks will practice a three-day puja of White Umbrella and make daily torma offerings which is a method for removing and pacifying all negative spirits and evil forces.

Sitatapatra, Dukkarmo, or White Umbrella is named after her main emblem: a white umbrella. The Buddha revealed this deity to his followers as a powerful protection against calamities and malignant beings. Reciting her mantra averts evil influences and purifies defilements. Sitatapatra is thus practice to this day to avert negativities of all kinds: disease, obstacles, black magic, evil spells, and all oppressing forces. It is said to be so powerful, that even if enemies would practice it, they would become invincible.
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