Upcoming Pujas @ Do-Ngak Ling Monastery

Monthly Kurukulla Puja

Kurukulla Puja is performed at Do-Ngak Ling Monastery every month on Dakini Day (see schedule here).

Sponsoring the monthly Kurukulla puja is immensely meritorious. We will notify the Druplas and monks of your kind offering, and they will perform the practice for the benefit of all sentient beings, including yourself and any family members, friends, and loved ones you add to the dedication field below.

Kurukulla is a dakini renowned for her power to magnetize. Through her practice, the practitioners magnetize all favorable circumstances: teachers, teachings, the ability to understand and engage with the teachings, wealth, prosperity, for the benefit of the Dharma and sentient beings, and ultimately the nature of mind. Learn more about Kurukulla here.

Please find impressions from the first day of the annual Kurukullé Puja in 2019 and from the conclusion here.
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