Caregiving at a Distance and the Paramita of Generosity

Andrea Sherman shows how we can utilize the six paramitas to touch the human spirit through virtual technology....
Equanimity in Turbulent Times
Path of Transformation» Radically Happy

Relying on the Four Immeasurable Qualities During a Pandemic (Part 1): Immeasurable Equanimity

Erric Solomon begins a four part explorations of the Four Immeasurables....
Essence of Bodhicitta
Path of Transformation

Essence of Bodhicitta

In this short audio teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche answers a student question asking about the very essence of bodhicitta....
Path of Realization

What Devotion Really Is, Part 3 – Infallibly Inseparable

There seems to be a lot of talk in Buddhist blogs, magazines and in real-time lectures about what it means for a guru to be...
Path of Realization

What Devotion Really Is, Part 2 – Cultivating Devotion and Sometimes Saying No

In modern culture, we seem to have lost the traditional regard for our mentors. In the old days, you apprenticed to a trade. Your master...
Path of Realization

What Devotion Really Is, Part 1 – Devotion Beyond Concepts

What is devotion? Is there something about the guru/disciple relationship that makes it unsuited to the modern world? If this relationship is truly essential to...
Check yourself! The Tool of Reflection By Nina Eder

Check Yourself! The Tool of Reflection

In this article, Nina Eder reflects on Phakchok Rinpoche's instructions on taking time to reflect on our minds....
Learning Meditation
Path of Transformation

Meditation: Correct Preparation in Three Steps

Learning meditation requires both study and actual practice. Correct preparation before starting a meditation session allows us to experience authentic results...
Path of Transformation

Motivation: The Real Meaning of Bodhicitta

In this teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche challenges us to come to understand the correct motivation. “Motivation is a reflection of yourself”, he teaches. This shows how...
Path of Realization» Path of Transformation

Motivation or Intention

Motivation or intention precedes any activity, even if we don't realize or acknowledge it. According to traditional Buddhist teachings, the initial motivation really determines whether...
Science of Mind
Path of Realization» Path of Transformation

Buddhist Science of Mind

Science of mind occupies a great deal of attention in Buddhist philosophy. This is not some new development; ancient Buddhist texts include major treatises investigating...
Exchanging Self and Others
Path of Transformation

Exchanging Self and Others: Building Bodhicitta Part Two

Exchanging self and others is the supreme method for building our bodhicitta. We develop this through a process called tonglen, or "sending and receiving"....