Khenpo Gyaltsen

Path of Realization» Path of Transformation

Motivation or Intention

Motivation or intention precedes any activity, even if we don't realize or acknowledge it. According to traditional Buddhist teachings, the initial motivation really determines whether...
Science of Mind
Path of Realization» Path of Transformation

Buddhist Science of Mind

Science of mind occupies a great deal of attention in Buddhist philosophy. This is not some new development; ancient Buddhist texts include major treatises investigating...
Impermanence and freedom
Path of Realization» Path of Transformation

Impermanence and Freedom

Khenpo Gyaltsen knows that discussions of impermanence can cause strange reactions. Our nature is impermanent. There is no reason to feel unhappy about it. We...
Ethical behavior
Path of Transformation

Ethical Behavior in Buddhism: The Virtues

Ethical behavior occupies a central role on the Buddhist path to awakening. Yet often, modern presentations of Buddhist teaching skip over these fundamental principles. In...
Precious Human Life

Check Yourself! Advice for Buddhist Practitioners

How do we become authentic Buddhist practitioners? In this short audio clip from a teaching in Sao Paolo, Brasil, Khenpo Gyaltsen says each one of...
Dharma wheel and pair of deer
Path of Realization

Dharma Wheel and Pair of Deer

We may notice certain representations such as a Dharma wheel with two deer gazing steadily at it appear frequently. Why do we see this image...
Path of Realization» Path of Transformation


Life-release, or the saving of animals destined for slaughter, is practiced throughout the Buddhist world. All schools of Buddhism encourage followers to not only refrain...
water offerings
Path of Realization

All About Water Bowl Offerings

Water offerings are a tradition was accepted by the masters of the past as a practice unique to Tibet. It is the most common offering...
Offering water bowks

Offering Water Bowls as Material Offerings

Offering water bowls is an easy and pleasurable meritorious activity widely practiced in Tibetan Buddhism. Water's purity gives it great power....
Confident faith

Developing Confident Faith

Developing confident faith in the Buddha and the Dharma is crucial on the path. Confident faith means conviction based on wisdom and experience....
Dharma student
Path of Realization» Path of Transformation

Dharma Student Qualities: How to Listen

Classic Buddhist texts discuss how to be the best type of Dharma student. Once we know the proper approach for a Dharma student, we can...