Negative Emotions

Reducing Negative Emotions
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Reducing Negative Emotions: The Power of Meditation

Our minds are full of thoughts, full of afflictive emotions, and full of unhappiness. This is why dharma practice is really indispensable to us all....
Science of Mind
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Buddhist Science of Mind

Science of mind occupies a great deal of attention in Buddhist philosophy. This is not some new development; ancient Buddhist texts include major treatises investigating...
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Self-Reflection on the Spiritual Path

We're busy people and have lots of responsibilities and activities, so often we may forget to engage in self-reflection. But, we may want to look...
Defining Dharma
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Defining “Dharma”: Method and Wisdom

We have a lot of negative emotions, don't we? And traditionally, Buddhist teachers explain that the antidote for our negative emotions is the application of...
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Belief Through Practice

Belief or faith can mean different things depending on the context. Without any investigation, we may think that belief implies a blind, almost ignorant attitude....
Learning Buddha's teachings
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Learning What the Buddha Taught: A One-Minute Reminder

Learning what the Buddha taught could take a lifetime of study, contemplation, and meditation. However, the Buddha often summarized his teachings in simple, easy-to-understand key...
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Focusing the Mind: Impossible Task?

As we begin to practice meditation, many of us experience doubts. One of the biggest questions is, "How can I concentrate? My mind gets distracted...
Inspiration for our Meditation
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Inspiration for Our Meditation Training

Inspiration for our meditation training is a boost for our practice. We love to think we can be independent and do everything by ourselves, but...
karmic moods
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Questions on Karma: Choosing Not to Swing

Our minds swing back and forth crazily without any stability. That is the "swing" of karma. If we don't "swing" with karma, it cannot do...
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Transforming Anger into Strength

Transforming anger is a skill we can all work to achieve. We often feel that we have the right or to be angry, but anger...
Rhythm of Happiness
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Rhythm of Happiness General Talk (Part 2)

Rhythm can develop into a deeper practice with more complexity. In the second part of this talk, Phakchok Rinpoche explains how we may continue to...
five poisons
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Truly Understanding the Five Poisons

Truly understanding the five poisons, also known as the five negative emotions, is a crucial step for mental well-being. In this audio teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche...