Path of Realization

Taking Obstacles Onto the Path

Alan Pope talks about how we can learn to treat the obstacles on our path as our greatest blessings through skillful practice....
Outstretched Hand
Path of Transformation

Forgetting the Goal: A Lesson on Hope and Despair

The Buddhist path is incredibly complex – beautifully so – interweaving a multitude of components the way a great weaver threads thousands of strands of...
Trusting Karma
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Trusting Karma

Trusting karma is something that many of us struggle with in our practice. But are we clear about what karma really means? Here, Phakchok Rinpoche...
Who was the Buddha?
Path of Transformation

Who Was the Buddha?

Who was the Buddha? We see the image so often these days and we may know some quotes attributed to him, but what do we...
Path of Transformation

Buddhism: Philosophy or Religion?

Philosophy or religion? Which is Buddhism? It is a common question. You can find many people who offer very different opinions. What is Buddhism all...