The month of Saga Dawa

  • The month of Saga Dawa

    Posted by paul-sharp on May 19, 2015 at 5:26 pm

    Dear Friends,

    Saga Dawa or Sanskrit Vaiśākha, is the fourth month of the Tibetan lunar calendar and is considered the most important Buddhist holiday period of the year.  The month’s name derives from the clan of Śākya, and the Buddha’s epithet, Śākyamuni, translates as “the sage of the Śākyas”.  In Tibetan, it is also known as Bumgyur Dawa, “the 100,000 multiplying month”, as all skilfull and unskilfull actions are said to be multiplied by 100,000 times.

    The month is considered to be particularly auspicious for dharma practice and cultivating any positive actions with body, speech and mind, and also important to make special efforts in avoiding unwholesome activities, particularly in  the first fifteen days. The full moon day of June 2nd is known as Saga Dawa Düchen (the 15th day on the lunar calendar),commemorates the major events of BuddhaŚākya’s birth, awakening, and parinirvāṇa.

    Traditionally, Tibetan Buddhists engage in virtuous practices during this period, such as generosity, practicing of prostrations, making light and other offerings, saving animal lives and performing pilgrimage to sacred places. Any positive actions one can undertake, commitments to better oneself, to be more present for others, to become more generous and kind; these are all great commitments to make and strengthen at this time.

    The practice of the Treasury of Blessings Śākyamuni text and recollection of the qualities of the Buddha  is especially recommended to read, contemplate and practice during this month.

    Warm wishes,

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