Pratekyabuddha VS Śakyamuni Buddha

  • Pratekyabuddha VS Śakyamuni Buddha

    Posted by hau on May 19, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    Rinpoche responds to a question asking if Śākyamuni Buddha could be considered a Pratekyabuddha.

    “No”, he says, Śākyamuni is fully enlightened, with complete knowledge, whereas Pratekyabuddhas are “self-realized” with only half knowledge.

    They are similar in that they made the same aspirations for enlightenment. They listened to all the teachings, and they followed a similar path.

    Rinpoche encourages us to supplicate the Pratekyabuddhas in order to help us to understand the 12 Links and to deepen our understanding of the spiritual path, to help other beings.

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