The 12 Links and You

  • The 12 Links and You

    Posted by hau on May 16, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    We may think that studying the 12 Links means memorizing a list. Here, in this audio, Rinpoche reminds us that the whole person is to understand our own problems. We have to apply the study of the links directly to our own situation.

    Rinpoche says that just seeing the emptiness of any particular phenomena does not automatically equal freedom from one’s emotions and suffering. The 12 Links do not just refer to the world, it refers to us, “the individual” and how one operates in the world.

    “No I” is the first approach of the Buddha’s teaching. “I” is the main cause of ourproblems. However, if we understand and can practice egolessness, we can actually hold the view that we don’t exist how we conventionally believe we do.

    We can go beyond this through the 4 views: no “I”, emptiness, unity and primordial (unborn) purity.

    The12 Links do not exist like we think they do; we think they are solid and permanent because of the first link, ignorance. We can only come to know this through our own experience, not solely through philosophical texts.

    Moreover, Rinpoche reminds us that the 12 Links were not created by Buddha; they describe the functioning of our minds.

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