"The Art of Dying Well" by Katy Butler

  • "The Art of Dying Well" by Katy Butler

    Posted by Andrea Sherman on March 14, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    “The Art of Dying Well” is a terrific new book by Katy Butler.  People who thrive while living with limitations have apparently  cultivated the virtues of adaptation, acceptance, and interdependence! And, those who aged  well were creatures of habit (i.e. for us meditation practices). These disciplined routines give life structure and meaning. Also, joy and gratitude were crucial to well-being. It’s important to care about things outside of yourself, because if not,’your terrible pain will be the only thing on your mind” (Hazanov).

    And, it’s important to live without regret and envy; and to “just look out at the world outside and be okay with not being a part of it anymore.” (Valery Hazanov, “What Working in a Nursing Home Taught Me about life, Death & America’s Cultural values, http://www.vox.ccom).

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