Commemorating the Great Tertön Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa’s Parinirvāṇa is a joyous opportunity for the sangha. In this video message, Phakchok Rinpoche reminds us to practice whole-heartedly on such an auspicious occasion.

Hello, very happy anniversary of great treasure revealer Parinirvāṇa. Today is the 5th month of Tibetan lunar calendar. And 1st day of the fifth month.

Today is the anniversary of his parinirvāṇa 148 years ago. So today is a very auspicious day, this is just a short reminding. These kind of great anniversary days are good to put practice.

Best is with the group. If you don’t find group then you do individually. Offering butter lamps, flowers, prayers and supplications. Whatever practices you do. All the dharma centers and groups please do Tsog offering for accumulation of practices and making dedication correctly.

Most of all, this is just a small reminder of kick for all of us. In this busy hectic life sometimes we need kick to remind, and I really think the kick; One is this message and second kick is you should you yourself put effort, just do it. You can’t just think too much of questions.

Just do it
Just kick in.
Just do it.

That is the reminder for you.

And the benefit multiply 100,000 times whatever you do: mantra, supplications everything.

So this is my reminder for all of you.

Happy anniversary of 148 of years parinirvāṇa of great treasure revealer first Chogyur Dechen Lingpa.

Thank you and happy day happy our master day.

大家好,今天是大取藏师秋吉林巴涅槃一百四十八年的纪念日,也是藏历五月初一,所以是殊圣日。我在这里提醒大家要一起共修或个人修持,大家可以供灯,供花,诵经或祈请。我也呼吁所有的中心或团队今天做荟供来累计福德及回响。 我们常常需要被提醒及推动,尤其是在现在繁忙及忙绿的日子里。我的这一个信息就是推动之一,此外你们也必须推动自己,毫无疑问的修持。 今天修法的功德是以万倍计算。所以在这里提醒大家。祝愿大家在大取藏师秋吉林巴尊者的纪念日愉快。谢谢