Phakchok Rinpoche uses the classic example of how to approach practice. We can come to view ourselves as sick patients, the teacher as the Doctor, and the Dharma as the medicine that we must apply.

Four Key Points for Correct Practice

  1. Examine our motivation and change to compassion and bodhicitta
  2. Focus on the meaning and not the words
  3. Resolve doubts or questions by repeating our understanding to the teacher and asking if we are correct
  4. Follow the teacher’s instructions correctly without making our own modifications

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More Resources to Support Your Practice

The Dharma-Stream program, is available to all Dharma-stream Groups. It contains an ongoing series of teachings from Phakchok Rinpoche, covering the entire Buddhist path in a progressive format. For information on finding a study group near you or forming your own group, please click here.

How Dharma Stream Sessions Work

In the clip above, Rinpoche reminds us to examine our motivation and to concentrate on the meaning of what the teacher explains. Groups begin with chants that help us to correctly set our motivation and to embrace the practice correctly with the right intention.

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Dharma-stream groups offer a supportive environment in which to receive, discuss and practice the teachings. In this way, we can avoid the pitfall of the Dharma remaining mere words. And we have a chance to ask questions and clarify the points that we have just heard. Then, when we leave the session, we feel confident that we have correctly understood the teaching.

More Questions About Dharma Stream?

If you have any questions or need support regarding the Dharma-Stream program and/or the Dharma-stream Groups, please contact

Clarify Doubts through Home Study

In the clip above Rinpoche reminds us how important it is to clarify our doubts. Therefore, in the path of meditation taught in the Mahamudra system, Rinpoche has clearly laid out a meditation chart. Here you can find detailed instruction on the steps and progressive nature of practice.

Regular review of this chart and repeated viewings of the individual videos should help you to remove any doubts and ensure that you are practicing correctly. The on-line course of The Path of Meditation is designed for self-study, so you can proceed at your own pace. And you can download the support material and watch the videos repeatedly. Thus, you can follow Rinpoche’s instructions correctly.

Click here for more information on The Path of Meditation

Ask Questions

And don’t forget—Samye offers numerous student forums and groups. These contain discussion, practice materials and a community of experienced practitioners to help you. So please do pose questions in order to make sure that you are not confused by the words or missing the meaning or key points of practice advice.

Forums provide an ideal way to clarify instructions so that you can practice authentically.

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