Understanding Mind: Key to All

Phakchok Rinpoche reminds us again and again to remember one crucial point; our mind is the key thing we need to understand. In these short audio clips of advice, spoken in response to questions in Chile in 2015, Rinpoche gives very pointed instruction on how to distinguish Dharma from non-Dharma. We can divide the main points into three key steps as we investigate our minds.

Look Inward

Rinpoche then reminds us of the fundamental aspect of the practice. This is something we must remind ourselves regularly. His instruction here is to look inward and to not forget the fundamental aspect of the practice.  When we look inward that is Dharma while looking outside is non-Dharma. Dharma really means understanding and knowing our own minds.

Mind Nature

When we turn our minds inward and investigate the core nature of our mind, what do we find? In this final audio clip, Rinpoche reminds us that this very mind nature is enlightenment. Mind nature remains full of all qualities and untouched by negativity. Noone creates mind nature. And mind nature is always accessible!