What Does Meditation Practice Mean?

We hear a lot about meditation practice.But what do we mean when we say meditation practice?  Is is a strenuous effort?

Practice means reminding. It is actually very simple.

What does practice mean?
Reminding gently like holding a small kitten.

The word practice often makes the process sound difficult and unpleasant.  But, that is not how it actually is. Meditation practice is really quite easy. Simply remind ourselves. How much do we have to remind? A lot! But we must remind very gently.

Meditation Practice: Treat the Mind Like a Kitten

Rinpoche uses the image of stroking a cat. We aren’t rough and aggressive with a small kitten. Similarly, we must be very gentle with our minds. And, we can be calm and comforting. Slowly, gradually, the reminding comes more easily. Reminding becomes a practice. Practice becomes a habit. The habit becomes experience. Experience becomes realization.

Practice with Gentle Openness

We approach practice gently. Also, we should remind ourselves not to have an agenda. Don’t have any expectations. With this gentle  approach, our hearts will relax.

Rinpoche reminds us we have to actually do the practice. He cannot convince us that practice is the answer. We have to experience it ourselves. We need to “hang loose” and relax. How? We need to let go of attachment. Remember to be gentle and gradual. Think again of the kitten.

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