Training Tibetan Doctors

Training Tibetan Doctors has been an important function of education since the founding of Samye monastery in the 8th century. From the earliest period, students were encouraged to learn the healing arts in order to benefit beings.

Basic Goodness Foundation, an important arm of  Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche’s maṇḍala, is involved in ongoing efforts to enable communities to access affordable, effective healthcare, improving their overall standard of living. As a part of their work, the foundation supports Himalayan students in the study of traditional Tibetan medicine. The 7-year program provides intensive training in Tibetan medicine to interested members of the ordained sangha as well as villagers from remote areas in Nepal who do not have access to quality healthcare treatment.

 Gathering and Preparing Herbs

The students learn all aspects of Tibetan Medicine in traditional setting, including the making of medicine.

This training enables them to serve and operate independently. Such background is crucial especially in remote areas, where doctors have to make medicine from scratch using the available herbs in their surrounding area.

Serving Their Communities

After undergoing this training, these Tibetan doctors then can serve the people at their respective monasteries and villages. They also benefit the wider public through work at the Vajravarahi Healthcare Clinic in Chapagaoun and the Traditional Buddhist Sorig Herbal Medicine Clinic at Amrita House, Boudhanath.  In this way they fulfill the mission of providing continuing healthcare treatment to their respective communities.