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Jé Götsangpa’s Answers to Common Questions

Phakchok Rinpoche shares advice from Lama Zhang on the different processes of rebirth and the relative importance of emptiness and compassion....
spiritual loneliness
3 minutes
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Avoiding Spiritual Loneliness

Phakchok Rinpoche encourages us to meditate correctly every morning. Don’t meditate like a dead tree! That means that we are approaching the session alone....
3 minutes

On the Importance of Compassion

Phakchok Rinpoche shares advice on the crucial importance of cultivating compassion for all beings from the Drukpa Kagyü master Gyalwa Götsang Gönpo Dorjé....
Path of Transformation

Opening the Door to Authentic Meditation

Jack DeTar shares Rinpoche's path of authentic meditation taken from "In The Footsteps of Bodhisattvas"...
Radically Happy

Radically Loving: Creating Sparks of Love

Our true nature is unconditional love....
Immeasurable Compassion
Radically Happy

Relying on the Four Immeasurable Qualities During a Pandemic (Part 3): Immeasurable Compassion

Erric Solomon explores the third immeasurable, compassion...
Equanimity in Turbulent Times
Path of Transformation» Radically Happy

Relying on the Four Immeasurable Qualities During a Pandemic (Part 1): Immeasurable Equanimity

Erric Solomon begins a four part explorations of the Four Immeasurables....
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What Can We Do If We Really Start To Freak Out? (Part 1 – Relying on the Love of the Buddhas)

Guru Padmasambhava as the guru we can all call out and supplicate in times of freaking out....
Path of Transformation

Being With and Caring for Those Who Are Dying

Caregiving is being a warrior, being brave and fearless, with dignity, and with curiosity and compassion....
Path of Transformation

Anxiety: Seeing Through the Spin

Anxiety arises for almost all sentient beings in certain situations. And there are times when worry can be useful or productive. A little stress can...
Path of Transformation

Antidotes for the Loneliness Epidemic

The Buddhist tradition offers a number of antidotes to loneliness. Because the Buddha taught dependent origination-- that everything arises dependently, connection matters....
Essence of Bodhicitta
Path of Transformation

Essence of Bodhicitta

In this short audio teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche answers a student question asking about the very essence of bodhicitta....