Becoming Genuine: An Achievable Milestone

Becoming genuine should be a milestone that we can use to measure our practice. We can learn how to become fully genuine. To begin on the Dharma path, we develop more successfully if we don’t have a huge target. Of course, we want to have a vast motivation: the motivation to attain enlightenment for the sake of all beings. But Phakchok Rinpoche observes that these days we often don’t have a clear target for our practice.  

Target: Becoming Genuine
Becoming genuine

We help ourselves when we make small targets or milestones to see if we are really transforming. These are quite simple. We should wish to be genuine, real, and clean in our practice.

We need to “be” the Dharma – not merely to act or to behave like we’re in a play and putting on a performance.  

How can we be real: genuine, clean, and transparent? Transparency here does not mean financial accounting. It means we reflect on our own minds. Reflect on our motivation and our heart. And ask yourself, “Is what I actually do and say consistent with that motivation?” Also, contemplate, “Do I really feel this from my heart?”

Importance of Small Milestones on the Path

Small milestones are very important. They help us to measure clear achievements. When we achieve these, we know that we are improving. However, if we don’t have a clear picture or good measuring method, then is a real danger that we will dilute the teachings. And that not only harms ourselves, but we might also dilute others’ understanding.

Or we can receive many important teachings, but we practice badly and then don’t see the results. Then when we share with others and when we ourselves act badly, then we are hiding too many things. So, how can we improve? How can we be true to ourselves?

Becoming genuine

Very simple. If you want to achieve something, you need to have a clear picture. Remind yourself what you want to achieve. Follow the correct direction.

Think about what you are doing and of course, remember that enlightenment is the main purpose. First, concentrate on milestone number one: being a genuine, true person. Remember to align your heart and mind to that goal!