Practice Challenges and Difficulties

Practice challenges arise for all of us.  And we all face difficulties in managing our lives and practice.  Phakchok Rinpoche regularly encourages his students from all around the world to raise their main concerns.   Practice challenges

In September 2015, he posed the following questions

  • What particular difficulties are you facing in your practice?
  • What situations are the most challenging for you (in your personal life)?


We received many answers to these questions from students from many countries including Indonesia, UK, USA, Brazil, Singapore, and Malaysia. The following video is Rinpoche’s response to these questions.

Practice Challenges: Staying Motivated

Students asked many questions about the best ways to stick with practice–how to stay motivated.  We often get inspired when we meet a teacher or attend a retreat, but how do we keep that feeling?  Rinpoche advises forming practice groups–it is really important to encourage each other.  We refer to sangha, or the Buddhist community, as one of the three jewels.  That is because we benefit from companions on the path.

Dharma Stream groups help sangha members connect and stay motivated–so check out our current groups here.  If there is no group in your area, please consider starting one! Inspire yourself by inspiring others–that’s the bodhisattva way!