Motivation, aspiration, devotion—we can rely on these to support our Dharma practice. In this video teaching, filmed at Khandro Ling in Brazil in March 2015, Phakchok Rinpoche teaches on the three wish-fulfilling jewels that aid our practice. This video includes Portuguese subtitles!

If we want to be good, persistent and decisive practitioners, we need these three basic skills. First, we should be sure to begin our practice with motivation. Then we can perfume and infuse it with devotion. So, motivation comes first, and throughout the path we maintain our devotion. Finally, we can seal our practice with aspiration. Motivation is like looking in the mirror—it is your reflection. And devotion reflects of your realization of your nature. Aspiration reflects your future results. Thus, these three aspects reflect our practice.

Although we hear many teachings on devotion and motivation, we don’t hear as much about aspiration. Here, Rinpoche reminds us that aspiration is the reflection of our future results and points us in the correct direction.

Reflection Question

This week, and in the coming weeks, make time to observe your own practice. Have you been neglecting one of these three cornerstones? If so, you may want to spend a few more minutes on that cornerstone in the upcoming weeks.

Is there one that you find particularly helpful for your practice? What does contemplation and reflection of this cornerstone mean to you?