Radically Happy

Can meditation and compassion lead to happiness? It’s true that Buddhism speaks mostly about enlightenment. But without a solid foundation of contentment, basic sanity, and a decent self-image, you can’t flourish in life—either as a spiritual practitioner or as a practitioner of daily life.

Radically Happy – A Way to Flourish

Not everyone wants to become a Buddhist–but doesn’t everyone want to be able to flourish and enjoy what life has to offer?  Every human being wants happiness, right?  We all want to be able to cope, without totally losing it when things don’t work out. We definitely don’t want to suffer.  Yet, what are we really doing to make ourselves stop suffering?  We seem to be focusing on outer circumstances or new possessions.

But, can you be ok if you don’t get what you expect or want? And that last point is the heart of what we mean when we use the term Radically Happy.  It’s a subtle sense of well-being we can always access, especially when things are not so great.

This talk comes from the Rigpa Center in San Francisco, California in September 2015.  The presentation is the result of a unique collaboration between Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon, a former Silicon Valley technology executive. At Rinpoche’s instigation, they have been working together to develop a new meditation program and book. Drawing on their own personal experience both as happiness practitioners and teachers, Rinpoche and Erric explain how to make a subtle but radical shift in our lives.