Daily distraction is a common trap of modern life. We have so many pulls on our attention that we can easily walk around in a daze of distraction. In this video, Phakchok Rinpoche shares a short story. He shares his experience of how easy it is to give way to distraction. It is helpful to use a tool or support. Regatdless of our level of practice, we benefit from using tools skilfully to inspire and encourage ourselves.

Tools to Avoid Distraction

Rinpoche gives a tip from his own experience. He advises us to use tools skillfully to avoid the daze of distraction. Here, he recommends the use of a mala like a mindfulness touchstone.  The mala serves as a physical reminder of our practice. We use the mala as a support tool for our practice. The physical sensation of the mala on our wrist, neck, or waist, helps us. This sensation is like a gentle reminder to bring our awareness back. We can still walk around and see and hear things. We are not blocking out external experiences. But the mala gently reminds us not to get too distracted.

We can use either a wrist or a regular mala. The subtle feel of the mala against our skin reminds us to maintain awareness and mindfulness. This is a way to bring our practice into our daily life.

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