Brain-jam: Meditation as Antidote

Why begin your day with meditation? It is the best antidote for “brain-jam.”

Tulku Migmar Tsering is known for giving very practical advice.  Here he addresses our stressful lives and patterns.  And he knows that we may believe meditation is just one more thing we add to our list of things to do. We have to juggle many tasks and activities. Tulku says that we suffer from “Brain-jam.” Our mind fills up with so much traffic we get overwhelmed.

Brain-jam: Accumulated Mental Trash

Tulku explains how a brief time for meditation helps us manage a busy life. Before we launch into the craziness, we can give ourselves a little space.  Begin your day with a short meditation. This helps us counteract our mental stress loads.  Tulku describes how we pile up trash or garbage in our minds. And then we often carry one small negativity throughout our day. And, over the course of many hours that can become a heavy load. This carrying of garbage affects everyone we encounter. We need to put down that garbage!

Try an experiment! Listen to Tulku’s advice and test this in your own life. We can test it to see how this really works. The only way to find out is to try emptying our own garbage cans. Let us free our minds from “brain-jam.” We will see the difference. People around us will feel the change. It is a simple step to take!

Meditation exercise

This week, make the determination to sit in meditation for a short period every morning before you face your busy day.  Follow the meditation instructions you have learned previously–whatever type of meditation you have learned–just commit to practicing that.  If you are brand new, you can start with just 5 minutes of meditation. It is better to do a very short period so that you feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Don’t judge your meditation–simply take the time to sit.  If you’ve been practicing for a while, then you may want to sit for a longer time frame.  But, investigate–even if you are not a “morning person” can you see how taking time helps free the stickiness of brain-jam?