We are all very busy people with countless obligations and distractions that arise during our waking hours. For this reason, Phakchok Rinpoche shares some advice on how to begin every day. We can adopt this brief but profound practice–doing it in bed, before we leap up into busyness. In this audio clip, Rinpoche first recalls his own teacher’s advice to recall bodhicitta immediately upon arising.

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Five Key Recollections

We can greet the new day with five key recollections. And Rinpoche encourages us that by daily repetition of these five points, we can become good practitioners within a month. However he cautions that if we neglect these recollections, we will not make much progress. Because without mindfulness, we will continue to make mistakes.

Ethics: Remembering Vows

In the audio clip, Rinpoche mentions recollection of vows we have taken. And he reminds us to avoid the ten-non-virtuous activities and asks us to memorize these in order not to slip up and make mistakes. So if we mentally review these non-virtues every morning, we can set the resolve to avoid them during the distractions of our day.

The Ten Non-Virtues

Three of Body

1. Killing
2. Stealing or taking what is not given
3. Sexual Misconduct

Four of Speech

4. Lying
5. Divisive Talk
6. Harsh Speech
7. Idle Gossip

Three of Mind

8. Envy or covetousness
9. Malice or ill will
10. Wrong View