In this final teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche reminds us that we can repeat this aspiration prayer as often as we wish. If we love ourselves and wish to accumulate merit, it is wonderful to recite this vast aspiration daily. The final verses remind us of the inconceivable number of sentient beings who exist. Thus as we recite these, we can remind ourselves to aspire and offer in such a limitless way.

The King of Aspiration Prayer: Part Three

When we recite or hear this aspiration prayer and hold bodhicitta in our hearts that is equal to making offerings to all the buddhas in all the ten directions of the past, present, and future. Imagine this as an enormous investment. We will then naturally be so motivated to practice this aspiration!

Remember, we do not have much time left in our lives. Rinpoche reminds us that because our lives pass so quickly, we really need to be smart and learn to accumulate merit faster!

The Benefits of Recitation

The benefits of recitation are mentioned in the text itself on page 36:

gangyang zangpo chöpé mönlam di
changwa dang ni tön tam lok na yang
dé yi nampar minpa ang sangye khyen
changchub chok la somnyi majé chik

The full result of keeping, teaching, or reading this Prayer of Aspiration to Good Actions
Is known to the buddhas alone: Have no doubt: supreme enlightenment will be yours!

Here, we remember that no one except the Buddha can understand the amount of merit we accrue. Nevertheless, we should not have any doubts about this result! The text itself reminds us that we really need to have conviction in that message.

Stanza for Regular Recitation

It is incredibly beneficial to recite the entire aspiration prayer if we have the opportunity. But if we are very busy, Rinpoche asks us to simply keep one stanza in mind. This verse sums up the entire aspiration by following the great bodhisattvas. We can add this stanza to our dedication in all our sessions! We thus pledge to practice just as the Buddha’s sons Mañjuśrī and Samantabhadra.

King of Aspiration Prayer
Mañjuśrī teaching Sudhana.

We can reflect on our day and think that for any small virtue we accomplish, let us dedicate it in just the way that those great practitioners do. This is the shortest method and an effective way to practice the aspiration.

jampal pawö jitar khyenpa dang
kuntuzangpo deyang dé shyin té
dedak kün gyi jesu dak lob chir
gewa didak tamché rabtu ngo

Just as the warrior Mañjuśrī attained omniscience, and Samantabhadra too
All these merits now I dedicate to train and follow in their footsteps.

King of Aspiration
Samantabhadra bodhisattva.

The King of Aspiration Prayer: Resources

Please click here for the text of the King of Aspiration prayer. Below, you can listen to the entire prayer chanted in Tibetan.